Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

113: Self Awareness Isn't Enough. Guest: Chuck DeGroat

Chuck DeGroat returns to the Untangled Faith podcast with host Amy Fritz to explore the transformative work of moving from self-awareness to self-regulation and how our response to shame changes everything.

“I call the work that I do sometimes excavation work, because we're removing rubble. . .There's a lot of rubble that has kept me inwardly oriented and not as merciful or more prone to bitterness than prone to justice as I do my own work. And as I identify these parts of me that are self-protective, and befriend them and bless them and offer peace to them, there is a sense in which we all can live from that deep heart God created us for in love, goodness, faith, gentleness, meekness. . .And so I often say in the work that I do, the greatest asset is that I'm working with image bearers.” - Chuck DeGroat


In this episode we:

- Address the repercussions of the Calvin University president's resignation and its ripple effect on community leaders.

- Discuss the need for self-awareness in understanding one's actions as incomplete without self-regulation

- Discuss the delicate balance between speaking out on issues and exercising prudence in engagement.

- Unpack the concept of shame, its link to narcissism, and the importance of having strategies to work through it.

- Share personal stories that highlight our relationship with shame in relationship dynamics.

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